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About Us
About Us

My name is Mo. I was born and spent the first half of my life in Lebanon. I relocated to California about 10 years ago. Inspired by my own experience and my interest in making soap, I developed a line of all-natural soaps so my friends, family, and other people could enjoy premium hand-crafted soaps with wholesome ingredients. I am happy to share my passion for soap making; it’s an art, a hobby, cooking, science, chemistry, nature, flavors, and creativity all rolled up into one!

To honor my roots, my soap collections have Mediterranean flavors. For example, flowers like Jasmine, Sumbac, Roses, Citrus, Gardenia, Geranium, and herbs such as thyme and basil are popular in the Middle East and each raises up pleasant memories. Certain combinations of these scents evoke happy, vivid memories such as sitting in my Grandfather’s field at night and being enveloped by the scents of Jasmine and Geranium carried to me on a gentle breeze.

What Makes my soaps different?

My soaps are all made from natural organic oils, from sustainable sources; infused with light to medium fragrances and natural colorants.

My soap bars are made to last longer. This is provided naturally by using a specific combination of natural oils and butters.

All of my soaps are made at the recommended oils ration to satisfy people with sensitive skin.

To be environmentally responsible, I reuse cardboard and paper when possible and recycle the rest of the packaging and containers.

What is Sunshine & K?

And the most important thing is that we don’t buy or use products that are tested on animals.

My rabbits Sunshine (male) and Koki (female) are thrilled to know that their daddy cares for nature and animals and for choosing my business name to include their names to show the big love that is given to them.

Sunshine and Koki are my rescued rabbits. They are tripod: three-legged, on both of them the left-back foot was lost due to people abandoning them and dumping them on the street. They have a wonderful second life now, in the house all the time and free-range!

Thank you for choosing to browse our website. We hope to hear your feedback to continue to improve our products and services.

Mohamad E.