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‘Sunshine and K’ is ONE Year Old!
‘Sunshine and K’ is ONE Year Old!

On September 20th, we celebrated our first year of artisan soap making.

Time flies when you are having fun! It is hard for us to believe that one whole year has passed since we registered Sunshine and K as our company name, launched our website, and officially opened for business.

We kicked off with our namesake Artisan Collection which we continued to develop throughout the year. The Artisan Collection now features 13 unique scents and fragrances. Not satisfied to relax and savor the success, we created a second collection focused on exfoliating properties and a new formulation of unique oils in seven different scents. We called it our “Polka Dot” Collection and they quickly become some of our most popular soaps.

What fun we had exploring the world of natural oils and butters: so many to choose from and experiment with. We used several unique combinations of unusual oils paired with reliable base oils to handcraft over 32 soap bars in our premium line, the Spa Collection. In our spare time, we also worked on developing and crafting all-natural and unscented soap bars, shampoo bars, lotion bars, body butters, and hand-crafted candles and wax melts.

Throughout our journey of the past year, staying true to our pledge, we used only sustainable palm oil and incorporated organic olive oil, cocoa butter, and argan oil into our recipes.

Our commitment is to stay focused on sustainability and we have kept the environment in mind. All of our soaps are wrapped with paper; with zero plastic usage. Minimal waste is generated as we buy in bulk from sustainably-minded suppliers and we use dedicated washable cotton towels for soap making. In one year of soap-making, we have used a total of only 6 rolls of paper towels, and those were composted!

We are sourcing our supplies and raw materials primarily from local & domestic businesses and women-owned companies.

We donated ~ 200 soap bars to the Stay Beautiful foundation which supports and encourages women all over the United States involved in cancer treatments.

We became a Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild member that serves handcrafted soap and cosmetics makers in the making, marketing, and legal aspects of selling their products.

Since the beginning of this journey, we have donated ten percent of our sales to non-profit organizations.

A heartfelt and BIG Thank You to all of our friends, family, and loyal customers who offered us lots of support and encouragement along the way.

We are excited and eager to forge ahead into our second year. Stay tuned for even more creative soaps and other products to make you feel special.

Stay tuned!

With love,

Mo, Yusra, Sunshine & Koki