Argan Jojoba Soap Bar - 5 oz | Nourishing Natural Skincare with Essential Oils Blend


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Experience the luxurious blend of our Argan Jojoba Soap Bar, crafted with a rich combination of saponified oils including coconut, sustainable palm, organic extra virgin olive, safflower, argan, organic castor, jojoba, and beeswax. Enhanced with Brazilian clay, this 5 oz bar offers gentle exfoliation and deep nourishment for your skin.

Infused with a pure essential oils blend of lavender, tea tree, sweet orange, rosemary, oregano, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and frankincense, it delivers a soothing and aromatic cleansing experience. Perfect for all skin types, our natural soap is ideal for daily use on your body, face, and hands, promoting healthy, radiant skin.

**To extend your soap bar life, keep it dry after every use.