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Feet Salts – Natural Detox – Dead Sea salt, Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt, Kelp & Nettle Powder


After standing on your feet for a long time or when your feet feel congested and achy, use this all-natural foot soak for ten or fifteen minutes and feel the difference.

Topical use for nettle leaf powder helps soothe sore muscles. The minerals in this salt blend will stimulate your circulation and soothe your senses. Our Pure Castile Exfoliating bar works great for feet with dry and cracked skin.

Give your feet a nice massage after this soak, you’ll love it!

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We handcrafted this blend carefully to give your feet a natural detox. Dead Sea Salt contains the following minerals:

Sodium chloride, Magnesium, Potassium (energizes the body and balances skin moisture), Calcium chloride, and Bromides (eases muscle stiffness). Himalayan Pink Salt – contains ancient minerals and nutrients that further assist toning and deep pore cleansing. The clay in Red Alaea Salt naturally attracts and removes dirt and impurities trapped under the skin. The natural herbs we added to this blend help relax sore muscles.

Instructions. Fill your feet tub with hot water, add 1/2 cup of this salt (or more if desired), stir it with a spoon, and wait until it cools down a little and becomes comfortable & safe for your feet. Soak your feet for ten minutes and use a clean towel to dry them. Foot massage feels excellent after this soak. Try it! We also recommend using our Moisturizing Castor Body Oil with essential oils for an aromatherapy experience. Wear socks if you apply the oil on your feet to prevent slipping/injury.

Note: Kelp powder smells like fish/ocean, which may not be pleasant to some people. This powder is great for detoxing. You may add your favorite essential oil to the foot soak. This salt blend is safe for an entire body soak.

Ingredients: Dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, Hawaiian Alaea sea salt, kelp powder, and nettle powder.

This is not medicine. It is not intended to treat any medical conditions.


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